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Cooked over coals from mesquite wood in true cowboy fashion, this pork chop embodies the authentic flavors of Texas barbecue.

Picture this: a thick, juicy pork chop, seasoned with our signature blend of spices and grilled over mesquite coals until it reaches mouthwatering perfection. Each bite is a celebration of savory goodness, reminiscent of a campfire cookout under the starlit Texas sky.

Handcrafted with care by our expert pitmasters, our Cowboy-Style BBQ Pork Chop is the epitome of barbecue excellence. Whether served as the centerpiece of a rustic feast or paired with your favorite sides, this pork chop is sure to transport your taste buds to the heart of cowboy country.

So why wait? Saddle up and treat yourself to the bold flavors of Texas with BBQ Pork Chop. Order now and experience barbecue excellence delivered straight to your door.

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Weight1.25 lbs
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